- A shop of the traditional Japanese Kokeshi & Russian Matryoshka in Kamakura, Japan.


"I have also been promoting the cultural exchange between Japanese and Russian craftsmen whose wood dolls have the same roots. "KOKE-SHKA" and "MATO-KOKESHI" were born as their joint work. Besides the wood dolls, Kokeshi Jidai is also displayed in the shop."


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* Mail order is available for the books and magazines. Please contact us either by FAX or E-MAIL addressed as shown below.

(Wooden dolls are sold only at the shop because we want our customers to watch them on their hands.)





(Kokeshi shop)

1-2-15 Hase Kamakura-City, Kanagawa 2480016, Japan

TEL: 0467-23-6917

FAX: 0467-23-6918

E-MAIL: kokeshi_jidai@yahoo.co.jp


Open: Fri., Sat. Sun. Mon.

Hours: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

(En) http://www.kokeshka-en.com/


(Jp) http://www.kokeshka.com/