- A poet and photographer

- Owner of KOKE-SHKA, a wood doll shoop in Kamakura

- Publisher of Kokeshi Jidai


  " I opened KOKE-SHKA in order to introduce the real craftsman works of Japan.

  Unfortunately, the Tohoku Region, a Kokeshi producing district, was badly damaged by the big earthquake and tidal waves in 2011.  I host the events to support Tohoku and meet the craftsmen there as much as I can. If Kokeshi Jidai is a good reference for you to know about the north districts in Japan and their traditional craft-works of Kokeshi, I will appreciate it very much."






Photo album of Genqui Numata

"Hisaichi Kokeshi Hitoritabi


Travelling alone in the disaster area."







- An artist painter and writer

- Traveler for Kokeshi, born in Hiroshima in 1973

- Publisher of Kokeshi Jidai


  "I enjoy a trip to meet with a good Kokeshi while visiting craftworkers in the production area.  I'm also attached to the abandoned production area.  Currently serializing the travelogue "Sentiment in Kokeshi" in Kokeshi jidai magazines, my journey for Kokeshi is to be continued."





"Sentiment in Kokeshi" No.9: A walk for Kokeshi

In Kokeshi Jidai No. 6 (Kijiyama special)